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Distinguished Transport Lecture Series


The Distinguished Transport Lecture Series was launched in 2009. Each year, we invite internationally renowned and distinguished experts and scholars to visit Hong Kong to deliver public lectures in the transport field, with the aims of promoting excellence in transport research and development in Hong Kong and stimulating discussion and the exchange of views between international experts and scholars and local researchers and professionals.

The speakers are all full professors who hail from a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, economics, geography, law, logistics, public policy and urban planning, at top universities and institutions around the world. To view the speakers of the Distinguished Transport Lecture Series by alphabetical order (surname) or by year, please explore the links below.

By alphabetical order (surname):

Mohamed Abdel-Aty Robert Cervero Gilbert Laporte Wayne K. Talley
Richard Allsop Gang-Len Chang Fred Mannering Jean-Claude Thill
Kay W. Axhausen Rune Elvik Rob Merkin QC Isabelle Thomas
David Banister Terry Friesz Eric Miller Nick Tyler
Michael Bell Susan Handy Patricia Mokhtarian Roger Vickerman
Chandra Bhat Richard Knowles Juan de Dios Ortuzar S.C. (Chan) Wirasinghe
David Boyce Mei-Po Kwan Anming Zhang

By year:

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Jean-Claude Thill
David Banister
Robert Cervero Roger Vickerman Juan de Dios Ortuzar
Richard Allsop
Rune Elvik S.C. (Chan) Wirasinghe Fred Mannering Wayne K. Talley
Mei-Po Kwan Richard Knowles David Boyce Patricia Mokhtarian

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Nick Tyler Rob Merkin QC Anming Zhang Chandra Bhat Mohamed Abdel-Aty
Gilbert Laporte Isabelle Thomas Kay W. Axhausen Michael Bell Terry L. Friesz
Susan Handy Gang-Len Chang Eric Miller